CODE is a student organization at Harvard Business School. Our mission is to bring technologists together at Harvard Business School. We want to keep our technical skills sharp and create accountability to learn and build while getting our MBAs. Learn more about CODE in this MBA Voices blog post.

We’ve published a few pieces about our vision for building technical skills while getting an MBA in Coding is the New Business Literacy (Huffington Post, 2016) and Who Says Harvard MBAs Don’t Code? (The Harbus, 2017). Join us!

Curious how this site was built? We’ve made it open-source. If you’re a member of CODE, check out this GitHub repository to see how you can add your member profile information. Support our Github repo by starring or forking it!


  • Colleen Tapen

  • Rene Candia

  • Nadya Liubyva

  • Libby Spalding

  • Shuangchun "Jeremy" Yan

  • Tatiana Cooke

  • Alison Shin

  • Christina Bernardin

  • Brittany Yoon

  • Paul Yarabe

  • Sasha Pang

  • André Pang

  • Steph Tong

  • Daniel Peng

  • Adam Behrens

  • Yuval Gonczarowski

  • Ryan Newton

  • Ryan Jones

  • Anshul Bhagi

  • Andrea Coravos


Send us a Tweet @codeHBS if you are interested in learning more about what we’re working on!